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9:00 p.m. - 2012-05-29
bad day
fucking computers. can't get onto the web site for the college to get the assignment, it keeps telling me there's a problem with the web site, emailed the instructor because I thought the storm had knocked it out. she said no, it's my computer.

there's no way i can get to another computer and get the assignment done before 9 tomorrow morning. these one-semester-in-15 days classes don't leave you much room for technological errors. I still haven't even seen the syllabus for the class because i can't get on the web site; the first day was today, the first test is tomorrow; I am ill-prepared for the test and i get a zero on the first homework assignment.

great way to start the class.


I'm pissed!!

This is not fair!!

I had no way of anticipating this. I'm familiar with the web site. it has never given me problems before. I started the assigment as soon as I had picked up my kids, fed them and put them to bed. I didn't procrastinate. I didn't do anything wrong.

I repeat: fuck! I'm pissed! Life isn't fair!

Nah, I'm ok though. I was e-mailing snippets with s, sort of like chatting but by e-mail every 20 minutes or so -- we do this sometimes and i like it -- she was not having a great night either -- printers, sheep, politics and rain ... she is the best, makes me happy, ah fuck the homework.

I'm going to bed.

Setting the alarm.

Gonna get up to study in a couple of hours.

Gonna think about going to Vermont in July -- ditching the kids, long overdue; I want to see S, and Peter, two of my favorite people, sans kids -- who needs Disneyland to go on vacation.



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