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7:00 p.m. - 2012-05-30
more life is unfair
Life is not fair.

The average score in my class on yesterday's lab was a 67. I got a 93.

Because I couldn't access my class assignment/homework/study info at all last night, the only studying I did for the bio quiz was a half-hour on Matt's computer this morning, but I aced it anyway -- I know because we went over the answers afterward in class.

After those two classes I went to my CNA class and had another test. Which I am fairly certain I got 100 on. (It was multiple choice, and easy.)

Life is not fair. This is what I was reminding myself when my computer decided to block my access to all of my bio and lab materials last night. I have no right to get upset about this, because it's also unfair that I'll probably ace the test I take in the morning with a minimum of studying.

I think it is decidedly unfair that some people are naturally 5'10" and 110 pounds with perfect features and a international modeling contract. Most people who are naturally gorgeous didn't do much to deserve their looks besides be born lucky.

Brains are probably my equivilent of being born gorgeous ... I didn't do a damn thing to be smart, really, except be born this way. Sure, I study, and I work hard at most things I decide to do, I also have an unearned advantage.

I don't think it makes me better or more worthy than other people. For a long time, I felt like it was all I'm good at and all I am -- a high IQ with nothing else to offer, as a person, a friend, etc, etc... -- now I feel like there's a lot more to me than a brain, but also that it isn't all that special. There are a lot of kinds of intelligence that I admire more than mine, which is more or less confined to assimilating information quickly and regurgitating it accurately.

Lesson learned (I like to point these out to myself): It is ludicrous to be upset about an unfair computer malfunction when you have the unfair advantage of barely having to spend any time doing the damn homework anyway.

Shove it, m!



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