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4:09 p.m. - 2014-04-22
A little wave from the Beyond ...
I was going to get up and study for a couple hours for nursing exam last night, woke up to daylight, fuck fuck fuck...

I consoled myself on the way home that even if it bombs my GPA, I have two beautiful healthy kids, a beautiful mostly healthy wife, and a little red convertible and it is finally beautiful out ... put the top down and turned up the radio.

I just checked my grades and I got a 97.5. That, I was not expecting.

Today is my grandmother Toby's birthday. She died 19 years ago but I whispered her a happy birthday this morning as I was making my coffee. I can only guess that my test grade was some sort of supernatural intervention on her part. A sort of hello -- nothing else to explain it.

Thank you, Toby.



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