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6:48 a.m. - 2014-02-15
We were supposed to go to Friendly's for Mar's birthday dinner but Friendly's was closed because of the snow. Everything was closed. We drove around going to plan B and plan C ... Cashy was upset but Mar was fine with every option we suggested -- "OK!" with a big grin. Finally plan D was to go to the supermarket (which was open) and let her pick out a cake and whatever she wanted for dinner. She was happy with that idea, too. Picked frozen pizza, Lipton bacon cheddar noodles, and mushrooms. ("Are you sure you're a kid?" A asked her.)

She loved her presents, which were nothing special -- just PJs, hair stuff, watch, chocolate, a movie -- and squealed and said, "Thank you! Just what I wanted!" at everything she opened. Of course she didn't get what she really wants, which is an ipad. She didn't say anything about that. She hugge me repeatedly and said, "Thank you, mama, it was the best birthday EVER!!"

I am going to have problems with that one when she is a teenager, aren't I?

Mar is such a perfect kid. I don't take credit for that and sometimes I feel really guilty about it. She has always been very empathic and wants everyone around her to be happy, and to be able to make people happy. I always feel like I'm not a good enough mom for her. Like I short-change her because she is always happy with anything I do as long as I pay attention to her. She would be happy to just snuggle with me 24 hours a day. And of course, I never do that.



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