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8:45 a.m. - 2014-02-14
happy birthday mar
Today is Mar's seventh birthday. It's also a SNOW DAY!!!!! Yoo-hoo!!!! No clinical!!!

My kids are in the living room watching Ramona Forever, one of Mar's birthday presents from A. I let her open two things this morning; we're saving the rest for when A comes home/when we meet M for dinner at Friendly's. (Assuming the roads are driveable.) Her actual b-day party is in two weeks; M's in charge of that.

I'm gonna try to teach them how to build a snow fort today.

I think I may have gotten so skinny again I've stopped getting my period. I know I'm not pregnant, and I'm too young for menopause, so ... I feel guilty that it isn't particularly a wakeup call to me. Instead, I feel slightly satisfied that I'm that thin again and not at all sad to lose the monthly gift. I know I shouldn't feel that way and I deserve to be smacked.

I've asked A if I look like I have a problem and she says I don't. I could stand to gain weight, yes, but I'm not the anorexic who walks down the hall and makes everyone gasp. I made her promise me she would tell me if I start to look like I have a problem.

As always, I am much more concerned about appearances than reality.

Gotta go dig out the car and make a quick run to the store before it really starts snowing ... then I'm going to do nothing and enjoy my kids, the snow, and all the things I am so lucky to have.



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