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8:20 a.m. - 2012-06-22
Anyone want to borrow a 2-year-old?
I just almost said, "Oh, screw you" to my 2-1/2-year-old.

I stopped myself at, "Oh, Ssss... knock it OFF, willya?"

Soup... I want soup, no hate soup, soup is gross, WAHHHH! No want that bowl, want cookie, no want cookie, You Need To Eat That At The TABLE! NOOOO!!! NO WANT EAT COOKIE TABLE. YES! No! Time out? NO WANNA. ANOTHER COOKIE NO WANT COOKIE SOUP!!!!!!! You already had lunch, you hate that soup!! NO WANT SOUP GROSS COOKIE NO EAT TABLE NOOOOOO!!~!! WAAAAHHHHHHHH!!

Times like these, my mother used to say,

a) "You're going to be a statistic,"

d)"Did I ever tell you about your other brother, the one who's buried under the lilacs?"

I sometimes say No. 1. but not no. 2.

Sometimes I tell Cashy that if he doesn't behave I'm going to duct tape him to the ceiling.

If that doesn't happen today, it's only for lack of duct tape.

Yes, I love him and I'm glad he's mine. Always.



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