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7:24 p.m. - 2012-06-20
insane women
I'm watching 20/20 clips on Rielle Hunter and her new book and gagging. That woman is NASTY. She is REPULSIVE. She is so narcissistic it is bizarre. When she said, "Well, first of all, I'm a MOM..." with that little ... oh, it's hard to put into words, but it is utterly offensive to ME as a mom. I don't want to be a member of the same race.

As if popping out a child instantly legitimizes you as loving, nurturing, "good" human being, instead of a self-centered homewrecking whore!

She is one of those people who will never GET how offensive her use of her daughter to sell herself is, how offensive her self-serving jabs at Elizabeth Edwards are, how offensive she is in totality.

She thinks she's this beautiful, smart, deserving queen living a great love story.

Insane. Insane!

I have been gathering from sources other than Matt that J is way more whacked than I thought. I thought a few months ago that hooking up with my husband's girlfriend would be the best revenge imaginable, but now I'm starting to think that irrevocably moving on with my life (with someone else) would be the best revenge.

Because ... I think she is a good deal more whacked than I am. One of Matt's favorite things to tell me is that I'm mentally ill, but it's been slowly occurring to me since he moved out that actually, I'm not.

Depressed and self-destructive for a lot of my life, yes, but I'm neither of those things now and I've always been fairly functional, ie holding a job and making dinner every day.

And on top of my possible lack of mental illness, I'm definitely constitutionally incapable of the large-scale narcissism, game-playing and dishonesty that M and J seem to enjoy together. I could never have an affair because I wouldn't be able to handle the guilt and minute-to-minute dishonesty involved in sleeping with your partner, eating meals, and generally acting normal when in fact you are being dishonest in every breath you breathe.

I guess J is kind of into having multiple, unhappy, dishonest relationships and I'm really happy I am not one of them. I think eventually this will get to Matt as well, and he'll consider her the nightmare girlfriend like the one before me he told horror stories about.

However, by the time he comes to his senses I won't even be able to see him in his rear-view mirror. That would be the sweetest revenge of all.

And believe me, while I think I am constitutionally incapable of cheating and game-playing, I am not adverse to some good, honest, wholesome revenge.



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