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10:29 p.m. - 2012-04-24
return of the noisy panda
Cashy re-discovered the trilling, snoring, hickuping panda bear I got him when he was about 11 months old and has been following me around for two days, dragging it by an ear or a leg and pulling on my pants: "Mama! Fixit! Mama! Fixit!"

(There is a video of Cashy beating up the bear two years ago at I'll probably delete this link later, because I'm paranoid...)

I explained to him that I couldn't "fixit" because I didn't have the right kind of batteries; he then raided my battery drawer, presented me with a handful of batteries, said, "FIXIT!!" and stomped his foot.

So tonight when daddy had the kids, I went to Rite Aid and got C batteries and "fixed" the damn thing. I put it in his car seat, and when he opened the door it started waving its arms at him and trilling. He looked at the bear, and then he looked at me.

"Seat?" he said tremulously. (Translation: "Where am I supposed to sit?")

I told him he could sit in his seat and hold the bear, which he did. All evening he hasn't let it out of his sight. He even put it to bed and sang it to sleep.

Maybe it's time to give dolls another try. I'm all for my kids having toys that break the gender rules, but Cashy has never shown any interest in dolls; he prefers to change the diapers of his trucks. He "feeds" them with baby spoons; he covers them up with blankets and says, "Shhh! Truck sleeping!"

But will he do that with a doll? Oh no. I've offered him a doll a couple of times when he was getting maternal with his four-wheeled babies; he shoves it away and yells, "No baby! TRUCK!"



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