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1:18 a.m. - 2015-07-27
Karma is a bitch
My ex-husband and the woman who broke up my marriage are breaking up.

He'll be living alone in the house they rented together a little over a year ago ... And who knows how long that will last as he has been unemployed for almost a year and I think he is running out of money.

He started cheating on me when I stopped working as a news reporter to stay home with our kids ... His star was rising, he decided he deserved something better than ME. He was making a lot of money and he was hot shit in his field ...

He made me feel worthless because he was everything to me. I waited two years for him and then I started rebuilding my life. I went back to school, dated, remarried. I just graduated from nursing school and got a job I am really excited about; I guess I am building the life I wanted for myself and my kids without him, and doing way better than either he or I thought possible.

Meanwhile, his whore is learning she took home a real prize: a whiny, lyong porn and sex addict with no car, no job and no money.

Karma is a bitch.

He's all hers now -- too bad she apparently doesn't want him.

I certainly don't want him back. I could probably have a good friendship with him with her gone, but as far as couplehood -- he's a sex addict and I'm a happily remarried lesbian, so no, not happening. Ever. But I miss hisd friendship. He became such an asshole when he was with her. And although he is a wimpy, self-obsessed lying narcissistic jackass, he really isn't an asshole naturally. At least he never was to me, before he met her.

Someday I hope he is happily remarried to ANYONE BUT HER. I really do hope he finds someone, and we can all be friends someday.

But for right now I am quite happy to see him broke, unemployed and alone.

I know that's not nice, but YOU weren't married to him. I was, and I find it damn sweet to watch.



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