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8:06 p.m. - 2014-12-06
sick of it
I am sick of listening to my wife bitch and moan. I used to think she had a lot of things wrong with her. Now I am starting she is just a whiney, self-obsessed neurotic hypochondriac.

She has allergies; I don't. She has gerd, I don't. She has cramps, I don't. So I take her word for things and try to be patient and comforting.

But then I start getting suspicious. I got a stomach bug. I went to work anyway, came home after puking three time, went to bed, and just asked to be left alone. She got it next, and the little melodrama shit she was putting on was just too much for me; I pretended to sleep through it. (Not the first time.) My five-year-old got it next and he was a total trooper. I was up all night with him and felt awful that I couldn't make him feel better. But he barely complained. A was acting like she was getting disemboweled, which is why I pretended to be asleep. Wtf??? Either you,re dying and you need to go to the er, or you shut up, tell yourself it won't last forever, and deal.

Then she "tweaked" her shoulder. I think she slept on it funny. She doesn't know what she did, by my brother tore his rotator cuff flying off his motorcycle last year and judging by the amounting of icing, flinching, moaning and whining, a's injury is much more serious.

She obsesses over papercuts. Seriously. She shows them to me every morning and night obsessing that there is numbness, a bump inside, etc.

I am starting to think that she is just batshit crazy.

Needless to say, this is taking a toll on our relationship. All I do is bite my tongue. All she does is talk about how sick she is of feeling shitty and how shitty she feels. Well fucking do something about it then! Stop eating crap! Start exercising! At least stop fucking whining!!!!!

I don't understand whining. It doesn't make you feel better so why fucking do it? It's a waste of your life. I am sick of hearing that she is sick of being sick. She needs to change her diet, go on meds, see a shrink, I don't care. Just do fucking something because it is driving me crazy.



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