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3:43 p.m. - 2014-09-24
Passed my two CVAD validations despite not having particularly practiced ... well, ever ... I would say that the most important skill in passing validations is, GO LAST: A, the intructor is usually doing paperwork or watching the clock instead of watching YOU; and B) if she SHOULD happen to watch, you know what she's picky about from all the people she already flunked. Yep, going last is definitely all there is to my CVAD technique.

I like clinical much better than last year because my intructor is one of those smart-but-chronically disorganized people who seems to have some issues keeping her own shit together -- my astute personal observation, not an obvious issue. My last clinical instructor carried -- not wore-- her white lab coat in in the morning because it was starched and knife-creased beyond walking or sitting down in. Yipes. Her specialty was urology. Anyway.

(If we had it bad, I imagine her husband had it worse.)

I've noticed that a lot of people in nursing school, instructors included, don't have much of a sense of humor. For example, my instuctor asked me how my morning was and I told her that the doctor wanted a guaiac test done and "the patient was generous enough to provide."

"Generous..." she said. "You mean that ... humorously?"

"It was also a generous amount," I said, still deadpan.

She gave me a sort of timid smile.

"And everything else is going ... OK?"

I think instructors don't expect nursing students to find shit humorous. Maybe it's because most of them are underexposed prior to nursing school, and therefore, don't. It takes a while for them to become like my favorite nurse Cathy, who I work with ... when she's planning on giving a patient a suppository, she'll tell me, "Oh, and tell Sharon I'll be up her ass in five minutes!"

Anyway, clinical is over for the week, thank good, and now I have to study for the lecture exam on Monday while my kids are at their dad's for the afternoon. Over and out.




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