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9:45 a.m. - 2014-05-18
two days left of school...
I got a 99 on my sociology final so that's two classes completely done, Lifespan Development which I finished a couple of weeks ago and sociology which I had mostly done weeks ago but couldn't take the final exam till Friday. I got 97-98 overall in both classes.

I have my pharmacology final on Monday -- after working the overnight shift and taking my kids to school Monday morning -- and my nursing final on Tuesday morning. I am not fully prepared for either one and I haven't had much time to study since Thursday, because I have been working, taking finals and standardized tests, taking care of my kids and sleeping. At this point I'm trying to decide whether studying or sleeping will be a better use of my time today. I worked an overnight shift last night, the night before and again tonight. The kids are at Matt's today, and I won't see my bed again until after my pharm test and picking up the kids from school tomorrow -- and then I have to study for my nursing final the next day.

I suppose I probably should go to bed for a couple of hours.

What I really want to be doing is gardening (I have some hastas I absolutely have to transplant YESTERDAY as they are growing about three inches a day), mowing the lawn, and preparing the house to be stripped and painted.

After we are done with exams (A Monday night, me Tuesday) we are going out to dinner (a place where kids eat free on Tuesdays, a major plus for me, and that's Mexican, a major plus for her) and then on Wednesday or Thursday my cheap ass will be trying to powerwash the house in four hours (the length of the minimum rental). I am hoping that powerwashing is as efficient at stripping paint as they claim. It's going to trash my gardens, which is one reason to do it as soon as possible -- so they have time to recover.

OK, I'm going to stop wasting time and crash now.



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