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2:05 a.m. - 2014-03-14
Maybe I'm not that crazy.,,
The following are some of possible effects of child abuse and neglect on a child’s mental health:

Difficulty concentrating
Academic problems in school-aged children and adolescents
Withdrawn and/or difficulty connecting with others
Increased hypervigilance
Difficulty sleeping

Possible emotional and behavioral effects of trauma include:

Eating disorders
Drug use
Risky sexual decision-making
Troubled sleeping
Discomfort with physical touch

I looked this up because ... well, I like to say and believe I'm over it and just naturally insane, because it seems pathetic to still be affected at 34 ... but I think I'm shittin' myself. Figuratively.

I have, or have had, every single fucking one of the symptoms above, except academic problems.

I suppose I probably should be talking to someone about this. But I really don't feel like thinking about it, much less talk about it.



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