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4:09 p.m. - 2014-03-05
I started out the semester by missing the first week of classes due to the flu, and since I am taking two extra classes I spent the next month playing catch-up and feeling uncharacteristically stressed. I had to make up 13 hours of lab time, pass validations, and catch up on all of the classroom content I'd missed.

I'm finally back on top of things, and my days feel suddenly carefree and unencumbered. I have finally had the first exams (or two) in all of my classes, and right now I have a 98 in sociology, 98-ish in lifespan development, 94 in nursing and (thank God) 95 in pharmacology. I was most worried about pharm because there are only three exams and if you bomb one, your chances of getting an A are shot -- as are my chances of graduating with a 4.0. I needed to get at least an 80.5 on the first exam to have any chance of pulling an A in pharm, but realistically more like an 85 or 86. I was hoping for a 90, so 95 is like Christmas. Now that I know how the exams are set up, I shouldn't have any trouble repeating that.

I don't have any more nursing tests till after spring vacation (March 17-24) so now I have no pressure and plenty of time to study.

I've been trying to focus on being a better wife and parent(though my spouse and kids probably can't tell...) I've discovered that my 4-year-old son is really freaking good at puzzles -- he is better than I am, and he's FOUR. (He's sorting the laundry right now -- he's also very good at that, and even putting it away in the right drawers...)

I have been enjoying my kids more since A and I got married, maybe because we feel like a real family and I don't think of M and M leaving me every time I look at them. C. looks very much like his father and I used to see M every time I looked at him, but I don't so much anymore. He also looks like A, maybe even more so than he looks like his dad. (Mar, of course, is the spitting image of me, so she doesn't remind me of her dad quite as much.)

Need to go figure out what to make for dinner ... and remind my son to pee with the bathroom door CLOSED...



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