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12:44 a.m. - 2013-09-17
nursing diagnoses
Here's a few of nursing's more amusing diagnoses:

Readiness for enhanced knowledge
Decreased intracranial adaptive capacity
Readiness for enhanced decision-making
Impaired social interaction
Impaired parenting
Impaired walking

Toileting self-care deficit
Readiness for enhanced urinary elimination
Risk for acute constipation
Perceived constipation
Impaired gas exchange
Risk for dysfunctional gastrointestinal motility
Imbalanced nutrition: More than body requirements

Ineffective sexual pattern
Ineffective denial
Ineffective childbearing process
Readiness for enhanced childbearing proess
Disorganized infant behavior
Readiness for enhanced organized infant behavior
interrupted breastfeeding
Disabled family coping
Readiness for enhanced parenting
Risk for ineffective relationship

Decisional conflict
Impaired comfort
Risk for delayed development
Disturbed energy field
Deficient diversional activity
Interrupted family processess
Ineffective health maintenance
Impaired home maintenance
Readiness for enhanced hope
Sedentary lifestyle

Impaired religiousity
Readiness for enhanced religiousity
Impaired individual resilience
Readiness for enhanced resilience
Spiritual distress
Readiness for enhanced spiritual well-being
Stress overload
Risk for suffocation
Risk for thermal injury
Risk for other-directed violence
Moral distress



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