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3:48 p.m. - 2013-05-18
my first day of freedom
Spent the day mowing, weedwhacking, raking and re-seeding A's front lawn, as well as weeding the front gardens and transplanting some purple ground-cover type flowers that had popped up on the side of the house. Also got rid of most of one of the two stumps the previous owners were kind enough to leave behind.

And pruned the rosebushes....

I have spent the past month telling myself that I may NOT do any serious yard work until I'm done with classes ...

Well, I'm done. And although I don't have my final grades yet, I'd have to have blown the final pretty badly to get anything but an A in A&P lecture. I got an A (not an A- -- a full-fledged A; holy shit!!!) in lab, thanks to A+s on my case study and my case study presentation. I'm happy about that because I sort of went out on a limb with it, and I figured it would either work or bomb -- I guess it worked.

Both of my instructors told me yesterday that they loved my case study and I did really well in their classes. Nice. Overall, it all gives me a boost of confidence for nursing school.

So, anyway ... I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm f'ing FREE till the end of August, yeehaw!!! Of course I have a lot to do -- MOVE (with two kids and all their shit) paint and vacate my house, work, and try to pick up some extra freelance writing work since I have the time now.

And oh yeah -- finish writing that novel. I figure I am not going to have much time when school starts up again, so I better get some serious writing done this summer.

I promised Mar that I would paint her room (at A's) blue, so I'm going to try to get that done this weekend. The kids are in Maine with their grandparents this weekend because M's in Pennsylvania and A and I are both working so ... I haven't had the chance to do anything fun with them.

I'll make it up to them when they come back.

I love my kids. I am SO happy I get to spend the summer with them -- them and A. I'll have a family again finally. It's not the same as the family I had with Matt before he "changed his mind" four years ago, but I'd like to think it's better. A's not Matt, and I'm not some devoted little stay-at-home wife anymore. Thank God.

Last night, to celebrate the end of classes, and since I can't go out drinking, I decided to do what I can't do when I go out drinking -- drive. A and I put the top down and turned the radio up and drove ... she drove part of the time and I was relived and thrilled that she didn't torture my transmission although she hasn't driven a standard in years.

I didn't like the fact that my car was red with a white interior when I bought it (with 32,000 miles on it) nine years ago, because I thought it was two cliche and teenage-girly. Now that I'm 34 and I have two car seats in the back, though, I like that it's a little red girly convertible. It screams, "I am NOT driving a mini-van and I never will!" and I love that.



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