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4:18 p.m. - 2013-05-07
they'll only make over my dead body...
Getting e-mails from Good Housekeeping about Mother's Day Makeovers.


As I e-mailed A., "If I ever get a makeover that makes me look like one of these women, please put my children up for adoption."

I think my mommy-look idol is Denise Richards. Seriously. You can be a great mom and not look like you gave up your long hair, your waist, most secondary sex characteristics and you right to individual (as opposed to unified) boobs upon giving birth, right?

(For anyone out there offended by this, I live in Utah, not Connecticut, and I do NOT wear pink scrubs and a blonde ponytail and drive a red VW Cabrio with two car seats in the back...)

More later. Off my snarkiness break and back to cramming and parenting on 3 hours' sleep...




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