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11:30 a.m. - 2013-05-03
I think I've found childcare for both of my kids even though yesterday, when I found out the waitlist for my college's day care is two years, I didn't think I would.

Marley's new school has before- and after-school programs, and I found a government/grant-funded preschool that is 30 hours a week (required, because of grant terms) and only $150 a week, max, on their sliding scale. They told me that if I get my paperwork in soon, my son will have a spot. I thought I'd be paying a lot more for a lot less time. And no, I don't feel guilty for sending my four-year-old to school basically full-time: It looks like a really good program and he NEEDS it. He is bored at home and starving to socialize.

I need it too.

I think I've gotten M to agree to forking over a very generous lump sum of money to me every month until we're divorced. Basically, what I am hoping he will agree to is that he give me about half of his net income every month until I finish nursing school in two years, and then we're financially done with each other. I think he is going to agree; no. 1 because agreeing is probably cheaper than hiring lawyers and battling it out, no. 2 because he was stupid enough to watch a bunch of (soft) child porn online and then give me his old x-box a couple years ago and so he wouldn't want to battle it out even if lawyers were cheap; and no. 3 because if he pays out the nose for two years he will be done with me after that, which I'm sure is a very appealing concept.

I'll be living with A so my expenses will actually be a lot lower than his, so I should be able to squirrel some away even after paying for school etc.

So, I guess I'm making progress -- battling myself back into the land of the living and my own life. I never could have pictured this when he walked out on me, but I'm going to be OK. I'm going to be just fine.



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