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8:37 p.m. - 2013-04-28
The Cabrio is back on the road! It is finally paid off, legal and registered, which it hasn't been for an obscenely long time.

I've been sharing a car with Matt for way too long, yet another inconvenience stemming from his moving out. Yeehaw.

My car is 14 years old but it is still the coolest car in the world in my book; they stopped making Cabrios in 2002 and I don't know what I will do when mine kicks the bucket because there is no car on the market that compares. I hate those convertible bugs; they are so ... tacky. But the Cabrio is the perfect convertible; it is little and cute but civilized, unlike, say, and MG or an Austin Healey.

I bought mine used for my 25th birthday nine years ago. It's a standard and the windows roll down by hand, two things I absolutely adore since I hate autmatic transmissions and I have a fear of driving into a lake and having my power windows fail. It is airtight and waterproof and it has great AC and heat in the winter -- something you might not expect from a convertible, but it does.

Driving it makes me happy. A and I put down the top and drove around a little today...

Hard to squeeze my kids in the back these days, but oh well.

I will. Never. Ever. Ever. Own. A. Minivan.

Or anything else that qualifies as a "family car."



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