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12:23 p.m. - 2012-12-22
After 48 hours of figuring and refiguring my A&P grade on my calculator and innumerable sheets of scrap paper ... final grades got posted.

I GOT AN A!!!!! Which was what I calculated, but I like seeing it posted on the college web site.


The nursing app GPA remains a 4.0. My pathetic, externally based sense of self is still standing.

My son is running around yelling, "You dot BIG A! I dot little A!" Which is a combination of me whooping about my grade and his kindergartener sister learning her letters...

My daughter, on an unrelated subject, is four months into kindergarten and turning into a phenomenal reader. And I don't mean this in a bragging way; I mean she can pick up just about any kids' picture book right now and actually read it. She sounds out multi-syllable words and is not thrown by silent e's and other weird constructs of the English language. She's in the top reading group in her class but the books she brings home to read as homework are a joke to her; they're of the "See Dick Run" variety. She flips through the 8 pages and then picks up "Are You My Mother?" or some other 30-plus page kids' book we have at home and reads it, out loud, cover to cover. I never wanted my kids to be labeled "smart" early on and have to be that to the detriment of every other aspect of their personalities and lives, but I am afraid she is, whether I wish that for her or not.



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