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12:08 p.m. - 2012-12-15
stress relief
OK, so Marley's off the bus. She's sitting in the front yard staring at her feet, which is a sign that she had a bad day and wants to be alone. She told me yesterday (when I was trying to drag the details of her bad day out of her) that she feels better, if she has a bad day, if she is left alone. OK. I can respect that.

I've been refinishing a desk I got at Goodwill a couple of years ago for A's non-Christmas present. It is an antique-ish secretary desk with little drawers and cubbies, a bookcase on top (to which I added doors) and some carved detailing on the front. It was banged up and falling apart when I got it, but I've glued and screwed it back together. I stained it ebony except for the workspace area, which I stained light oak (although it looks darker). I've done about three or four coats and it is starting to look pretty damn nice, if you ask me.

I posted a picture of it on Facebook to see if she liked it before I told her it was hers. I got a lot of comments, which made me feel a little more confident. She says she loves it and I think she does, because when I went down to the basement to do laundry last night, I came back up and found her opening and shutting the little drawers.

I have a dresser I'm working on for her too, but I'm probably not going to get that done by Christmas.

Refinishing furniture is one of the few things I have found that makes me feel less stress and isn't completely unhealthy. I like making dollhouse furniture too, but Cashy had a habit of finding a way to get at my dollhouse and break the legs off everything I made, so I stopped doing that.

I want to start making doll furniture for the American Girl-sized dolls and selling it online, because people charge an insane amount of money for that stuff and get it. I could never make a profit off of dollhouse furniture, but I could with the larger stuff. I need to make the initial investment in a power saw and sander, though, to replace the ones I (finally) gave back to my mom about a year ago. I don't have any expectation of making enough money to support myself, but a little extra pocket change would be nice.

Time to feed my kids lunch...



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