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11:58 p.m. - 2012-11-30
I missed my Thursday-night-after-class time with A to work on a project due tonight for my A&P lab ... it was due at 11:59 and it is now in. I am not very happy, with myself or the project or missing the night with A.

This class is the most competitive I've taken since I went back to school last fall -- everyone in it wants a spot in nursing school (applications period starts this week) and not everyone is going to get one. I have always been an easily-top-of-the-class student but I am not at the top of this class. Near, yes. At, no.

Everyone's project that I saw at class tonight looked better than mine, so I went home to spiff mine up last-minute instead of turning it in at class -- we had till midnight to submit them electronically. I didn't do that much, mostly fact-checking and cosmetic stuff, and some last-minute illustrations. I had already decided to use original illustrations to make my project stand out (in addition to the required photos and charts) and I'm glad I did. They may not earn me an A, but they'll probably earn me something better than I would have gotten otherwise.

(And then I could tell my mom, the next time she brings it up, that I'm not COMPLETELY wasting my "great artistic talent.")

I wish A were here.



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