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1:35 p.m. - 2012-07-22
weedwhacker weekend
Weekend with A and it was wonderful. Too naive, too passive, too dependent ... possible signs of these things made me want to run for the hills a couple of weeks ago ... but now that I'm getting to know her better, I'm realizing that she is none of these things. She is one tough cookie.

Could romance-disgusted, cynical me really fall in love? Oh dear, just maybe. Maybe I'm already a gonner.

We tackled her front yard again today, her with her weedwhacker and me with the lawnmower (for the grass) and a shovel (to transplant perennials hiding in an overgrown backyard garden to the front garden I weeded last week. Around noon, we sat on the front steps, hot and sweaty, and admired our work. My hands smelled like dirt. It reminded me of Vermont, the farm I used to work on, hot dusty summer days and dirt under my fingernails and my farmer's tan. It was a perfect morning. I like her in my space. I like that when she sits very close to me, I don't have to assume it's an accident and move away.

I am going to take her to Vermont and I am going to tell my mom first that A. is the girl I am dating. It suddenly hit me that although I can be a chickenshit when it's just about me, I draw the line at hiding HER. How would you feel if the person you are dating didn't want his/her family to know? As if he/she was ashamed of you? A said it is OK with her if I don't want my family to know, and that pretty much instantaneously made up my mind (because she wasn't pushing me) that it was not OK with ME. I like her and I'm proud of her and I think she's incredibly cool; I have no reason to hide her and I'm not going to. So.

So there.

Some decisions are very easy when you frame them the right way.



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