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10:36 p.m. - 2012-07-14
hot damn
Pulled up weeds and old plastic, unearthed hostas and roses, in the flower gardens in front of A's house. She bought the house last winter and hasn't done much to the somewhat neglected front lawn and gardens yet; she's been ripping out old tile and carpet from indoors. She admits to being not very inspired to tackle the front, since she doesn't have a green thumb and doesn't have much of a clue which plants are weeds. I do, so I offered to do it and she joined me. It was fun and satisfying, to step back and see the gardens looking pretty instead of ragged. I think it made her happy.

A. is so sweet. I'm happy when I'm around her. I am not head-over-heels infatuated with her, but I can see myself loving her and being content with her. I want to be with someone who chooses happiness, and she does. Maybe I would be much happier with someone who calls herself "boring" and chooses happiness than with someone extreme, dangerous and chronically unhappy (which is what I have been attracted to in the past). I think I could make her happy. She thinks so, anyway.

I like naked women. And that is something, because I am kind of a prude. Naked men make me want to laugh, avert my eyes, or say, "Would you please cover that up??" Not her. I'll spare the x-rated details, but when I finally got a real good look, my response was, "HOT DAMN!"

Which I think she liked.

When I'm with her I don't miss anybody. Not Matt. Not my ex-BFF. Nobody. I never thought that was possible.



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