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9:20 a.m. - 2012-07-11
I'm developing a serious e-mail backlog.

Usually I e-mail a lot -- that is the main way I stay in touch with people -- but for some reason I'm suddenly avoiding it.

Well, it's not so mysterious really ... I'm not ready to tell people I'm dating a girl ... if it was a guy I would, and tell all about it ... but it's totally different with a girl. You're not guaranteed the response of, "That's great! Details, details! Spill it!" There is no doubt that the fact that I'm dating a girl is going to make everyone I know at least slightly uncomfortable. And I doubt anyone will want to hear details.

Am I a coward? If this became a long-term relationship, sure, I'd be open about it. But at this point I am not sure, not sure about her or about dating women in general. I don't want to make my friends uncomfortable for something that ends up being just a little life experiment.

So of course I'm going to get to those e-mails ... I'll just write about the kids...



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