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8:38 p.m. - 2012-06-11
Since I have been meeting a lot of new people, some of them sane enough to give my e-mail address to, and since my e-mail address is my first and last name, I decided it was time to Google myself again.

Nothing really comes up but the usual crap and my Facebook page ... but my facebook page has my maiden name on it, too, so I decided I'd better Google that as well.

Googling my maiden name used to pull up a few hundred news articles I'd written and somebody else's softball scores -- somebody with the identical, weirdly spelled name -- but now I'm pretty far down the Google pile. There's some articles on nuclear waste, tent caterpillars and priests, all of which I wrote but don't remember writing ... the top hits these days are a first-grade teacher with the same weirdly-spelled name in Texas.

OK, nothing too incriminating.

And then my neck snaps so hard I think I might have pulled something...

"What knows about M----- C---."

Yep. Me. Or at least, yep, that's my name. I've actually written a fair number of articles on sex offenders -- one of my little specialties -- and my first thought was that some irate sex offender had decided to post my name on a mock sex-offender registry.

Then I realized that the lucky offender highlighted by is from Texas, and I've never been to Texas and to the best of my knowledge never offended any offenders in Texas, so it probably isn't me. Hopefully it isn't the first-grade teacher either.



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