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9:38 p.m. - 2012-05-16
damn good at taking tests
Got my first test back in my CNA course. Hadn't studied at all; would have been happy with any passing grade (I am not sure why they give grades at all, since the only thing that matters is that you pass the state licensing exam) but I got a 96.

I am very lucky that I can read a textbook once and retain, well, apparently, 96 percent of it. The instructor thinks shame is a great motivator and read everyone's grade out loud, with comments, unless the student asked her not to. (Bizarre sociology in action -- everybody said it was "ok" to read their grade out loud.) This is how I know that my grade was the highest by at least 20 points. Higher than people I expected to do much better than me...

Although I have done nothing to deserve it (never did) it is sort of reassuring to me to see that the old test-taking brilliance is still intact -- not that I'm good at life, parenting, relationships, self-care, friendship, real-world success, or anything else that matters, but I am still Damn Good at Taking Tests. Always useful; sometimes, in an academic setting, it can mask the overall ineptitude at everything in life that isn't scored or graded....



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