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7:29 p.m. - 2012-04-15
birthdays should be banned
I don't know what happened to my positive outlook on life, but it evaporated with my fight with Matt on Friday night and has not returned. I did my best to sleep through my birthday on Saturday since Matt had the kids and the car -- no need to get up and no reason to -- and managed to sleep until 4 p.m. -- which is NOT a good way to start another year of your life.

Thing with birthdays is, even if you hate 'em, other people want to wish you a happy one, and it's good grace and manners to answer the phone and email and respond gratefully and cheerfully, eh?

Well, I would have got on that at 4 pm, but immediately after I woke up my landlord spend a few minutes pounding on the side of my house and then drove off leaving me with no power. I didn't really connect the two events until after I had reported a power outage and the power truck showed up (very promptly!) and the power guy said there was clearly power going to the other unit, so maybe I should check the main breaker in the basement. So I flipped that and now I have power again, but still can't figure out how the landlord managed to turn it off just by banging on the side of the house. Anyway.

I spent Sunday hating myself for being a lazy, reclusive jerk on Saturday, till 5, when Matt brought the kids back and my heart jumpstarted or sanity returned or whatever happens to me when someone opens the front door and deposits a crabby, dirty, squalling 2-1/2-year-old in my arms.

"Mr. Baby!" (I still call him that.) "I missed you! I'm so glad you're home! Did you miss me?"


"Well, I missed you! Can I have a kiss?"


"And a hug?"


But then he fell asleep in my arms on the couch so I forgive his crabbiness. He comes by it honestly.



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