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6:29 p.m. - 2012-03-29
An entry using Google translate...
A few months ago, I decided to ban English in my daily life, which is not easy when you're American and you live in the United States. Not simple, but more possible than when I had a husband who hated the French and who had no desire or to learn it or to hear it. Now I still have the same husband, but he no longer lives with me and therefore does not object if I want to watch, listen, read and live as much as possible in French at home. It's now my children who are opposed, those good little soldiers of their father ... but I'm in charge here, so too bad for them ...

Anyway, my life in French is mostly gone well except that I started a diary on a French Web site and nobody ever reads. I must admit I'm as narcissistic that I want people read my blog from time to time. I've had a diary on Diaryland ten years (before igotsprung there was another one, now locked) and there are people here who I have been following for a long time. So I haven't really been fulfilling my vow of writing only in French.

Then, a day or two ago, it occurred to me that "Google translation" is the solution to my problem. I can write in French, translate it on Google, and put here on diaryland. Not only can I practice my French without leaving Diaryland, I can blame "Google transduction" for all my weak French!

This entry is my first try. Will it work? We will soon see ...


(Note ... I cleaned up a couple of things ... but Google translate does seem to work pretty well!)



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