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10:30 a.m. - 2012-02-18
My daughter is now living in the attic.

It's the only place in the house where her brother won't mess with her "stuff." She sits up there and plays those Leapfrog learning games and sings. The beeping and singing -- though they're normal child noises -- sound a little odd coming through my bedroom ceiling.

It reminds me of the raccoons I had in the crawlspace/attic of the apartment I had in Vermont when I started this diary 10 years ago. The raccoons were heavy and the plaster ceiling was very thin. When the coons ran across it, over my kitchen table, the ceiling rippled and undulated and dropped small bits of paint and plaster. When they fought over my kitchen it was even worse; I was sure that any second the ceiling would give way and a couple of snarling, biting half-rabid racoons would land on my kitchen table.

Made me a little nervous...

More later...



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