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8:23 a.m. - 2012-02-17
murder is sweet in any language
Ever wish there was such a thing as educational osmosis, so you could just sleep with your biology textbook under your pillow and wake up in the morning knowing everything thre is to know about mitochondrial DNA? Haven't we all. Well, guess what! There is such a thing as learning a ton of stuff with no effort whatsoever, just by mindlessly watching numb-brain TV.

All you have to do is watch it in a foreign language! This is so cool!!

Seriously, it works. A little more than a decade ago, I had to go to the college library and check out a casette player to listen to and repeat back hours of native russian speakers saying the same random, useless, discontiugous things in Russian. These days all I have to do is a) want to escape reality (as always), turn on the computer, and start trawling youtube.

Last night I was pissed at Matt and watched 90 minutes of Faites entrer l'accuse about a woman who strangled her husband to death with the belt to her bathrobe. She was a 100-pounder, like me. How inspiring!

I think my comprehension has gone from about 65 percent to 99 percent in a matter of weeks. Of course it depends on how much the subject matter interests you, and how badly you want to escape reality...

So I suppose I should tackle Russian and Spanish true crime shows next. My Russian and Spanish are not as good as my French, however. But if 100-pound Russian women garotte their husbands with their bathrobe ties too, you bet I'll keep replaying it until I understand every detail.



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